[TYPO3-templavoila] Problems with Special Chars in FCE Data Element title (TV 1.3.0)

Stefan Völker t3 at alexrooter.com
Tue Feb 6 13:52:02 CET 2007

> Also, could you be more specific with subjects? This is the third
> message in the list with "TemplaVoila 1.3.0" as subject and two  
> last do
> not correspond to message content.

You're right, sorry for that.

And i really have a problem responding messages on the list, they are  
never placed under the original post... Don't know why...

To the Char-Problem.

I have a FCE,  the title of a Data Element contains Special Chars (ü  
for example).
As long as i edit the FCE, the Char is displayed correct.

Also when i insert and fill this FCE on page, it's ok.
But when i am in Page-View Mode, the title is not shown correctly.

I think, i can't add an Attachment here, but if it would help, i'll  
send you, Dmitry, one.
Just tell me ;-)



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