[TYPO3-templavoila] howto use the templatemappings in own ext.?

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Tue Feb 6 12:28:25 CET 2007

Andreas Jonderko wrote:
> Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
>> TemplaVoila by itself renders only one type of elements: FCE. 
>> Everything else is rendered by typo3/css_styled_content. If you define 
>> your field as header field, you can take a look how css_styled_content 
>> defines its rendering and uses wraps.
> So, you mean i shoud define later my own elements to control their 
> rendering?
 > Or is there a possibility to change the rendering of existing
 > el.?

Ok, here is simple recipe. You need to add typoscript to your DS or TO 
for the field that you want to modify. For example, if you want that 
field to be H1 and have unique id, it would be something like:

10 = TEXT
10.current = 1
10.dataWrap = <h1 id="{register:tx_templavoila_pi1.parentRec.uid}">|</h1>

This will produce something like <h1 id="12345">title</h1>, where 12345 
is the uid of tt_content record.

> Where to find more information about the rendering process?

In the source code. Also you can go to 
typo3/sysext/css_styled_content/static and look inside the file named 
setup.txt. It defines how various content objects are rendered. For 
example, for headers it is defined as "lib.stdheader". You need good 
typoscript knowledge.

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