[TYPO3-templavoila] Copy/cut/paste to frontend editing

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at atwebteam.com
Sat Feb 3 12:12:55 CET 2007


I'm evaluating copy/cut/paste to frontend editing.
At some level I got it working. It would be nice
to have them in core.
Good base code can get from kb_nescefe.
function ux_tx_cms_layout(

that for example
function fe_clipboard(

for class.tslib_content.php
+ related clip/copy and paste functions.

These could be good to be both compatible with
classic page module and TemplaVoila.

I propose adding TS config for pages to
set detecting which copy/cut/paste mode to use
If classic page module is not used, then
always in TemplaVoila mode. In fact that issue
is problematic.

Copy to correct place failed with TemplaVoila
(copied element went to unused elements).
Do somebody could help getting paste working ok with

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