[TYPO3-templavoila] Get rid of the bad concept used/unused elements?

Franz Koch typo at fx.MINUS.graefix.DOT.de
Thu Feb 1 09:54:23 CET 2007

Hi Dimitry,

>> Btw. I encountered a 'strange' behavior once. When editing content, 
>> switching pages and so on, a customer created a new content element on 
>> a site - but this content element was not created on the page he 
>> currently was on but on the page he was before (in unused elements of 
>> course). Only a reference had been inserted in the current page and he 
>> was confused why he wasn't able to edit it anymore. I also had this 
>> behavior once or twice. Don't know the TV version anymore.
> No comment... I can invest time only to reproducable bugs from bug tracker.

I try to research if it's somehow reproduceable and report it.

>> By speaking of references. Currently pages containing references to 
>> content elements don't get updated (cache doesn't get cleared) when 
>> the source record changes. Is there a way to clear the cache for those 
>> pages automatically, too? Maybe the typo3 reference-table can be used 
>> to track the TV references?
> As usual: put bug report to bug tracker... It is always the same 
> procedure: you found a bug, report it and wait for fix...

I didn't add it to bugtracker because I wanted to ask before. You could have said - that's impossible, that's on schedule or whatever. So I'll add it to bugtracker in time. Thanks for all your work Dimitry.

>> Speaking of usability issues was more about typo3 in general although 
>> TV could also be improved in that direction to be a little bit more 
>> self explaining in handling. For computer freaks typo3 is quite "easy" 
>> to learn - for secretary's it's almost impossible and most editors are 
>> no geeks.
> May be you have bad employees... I work with many people who often think 
> that "computer" is the thing where they look to (monitor). They have no 
> idea how they connect to the Internet and they are stunned by the 
> question "what browser do you have?" or "what Windows do you have?" 
> (they say "plastic"!!!). But I never had any trouble teaching them 
> typo3. They work with typo3 for years now and even help each other from 
> time to time.

Yes, it seems that some of my customers are the dumbest of all :/

Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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