[TYPO3-templavoila] Problem with local processing XML

Tobias Pinnekamp typo3 at tpinne.de
Tue Sep 19 12:32:47 CEST 2006


thanks for your answer. Sometimes the answer is just simple.

Best regards

Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> Hi!
> Tobias Pinnekamp wrote:
>> The path the to "field_right_content" is exactly the same like in 
>> original XML. In the original it was a container for content elements, 
>> and now I want it set to "none". But in the page module there is still 
>> the second column available.
>> Any hint?
> Local processing affects only rendering in FE. Page module does not use 
> it at all.
> Solution is simple: you need not to map that field in your new TO. Page 
> module will recognize that it is not mapped and will not display it.

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