[TYPO3-templavoila] body:OUTER as ROOT

Jens Hoffmann werbung at baiz.org
Tue Sep 5 14:15:37 CEST 2006

Yes I already got it :)

Here is my TSDS for this ...


<field_main_bg type="array">
		<tx_templavoila type="array">
			<title>Main Background</title>
			<description>Select a Picture for the Main Background of the 
			<sample_data type="array">
				<numIndex index="0">img.jpg</numIndex>
       	10 = TEXT
       	10.typolink.parameter.current = 1
       	10.typolink.returnLast = url
			<proc type="array">
				<HSC type="integer">1</HSC>
		<TCEforms type="array">
			<config type="array">
				<wizards type="array">
					<_PADDING type="integer">2</_PADDING>
					<link type="array">
			<label>Main Background</label>


So the Editor could select a Path to a Picture of his choice.
(Or you could provide some Path/GFX via a ComboBox for it - Stronger CD)

Greez Jens

Alexander Kyrkos schrieb:
>>> Why you don't only change the attr of body to give a bg to it?
>>> Greez Jens
> Hi Jens,
> The backgroung image is variable and has to be edited by the editors of the
> website. It has to be an IMG_RESOURCE in my Typo3 script, in order to be
> able to use the import functionality.
> Gr. Alexander

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