[TYPO3-templavoila] FCE - SC / CO issue

Jacob Rasmussen jr at concare.net
Thu Oct 12 14:35:14 CEST 2006

Hi again,

I'm having a problem with a FCE template using the following structure:

<div id="sponsors">
	<div class="heading"></div>
	<div class="sponsor_container">
		<a href="">
			<img src="" />

ROOT | Map to <div id="sponsors">, INNER
  EL | field_heading | Map to <div class="heading">, INNER
  SC | field_container | Map to <div class="sponsor_container">, INNER (
I have also tried mapping it to the <div class="heading"> with a RANGE
to "div.sponsor_container[1]"m and using the OUTER type )
    CO | field_element | Map to <div class="sponsor_container">, INNER
      AT | field_link | Map to <a href="">, ATTR:href
      EL | field_logo | Map to <img src="">, OUTER

The thing is, that I need to have the <div class="sponsor_container">
because of the styling, but if I try to map the SC as INNER, it is
impossible to map the subelements.. So I want to know if a workaround
exist? - I found a mail in the archives where Dmitry wrote
"Unfortunately this mapping requires a patch from bugtracker (TV cannot
map inside tag if tag's attribute is already mapped)." ... But I haven't
been able to find anything in Mantis (the reason might be that I don't
have much experience using Mantis).

Could I perform some kind of wrap in TS (in the DS), to make sure each
container element is wrapped in the "<div class="sponsor_container"> |
Kind regards
Concare Group ApS
Jacob Rasmussen

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