[TYPO3-templavoila] Really weird bug after updating html template and mapping

Tom Walter t3 at wnets.de
Sun Oct 1 19:16:47 CEST 2006

Tobias Pinnekamp wrote:

> I have very very big problem. I updated the html template and so I had
> to update the mapping. I did this process several times before without
> any problems. But since the last update templavoila seems to ignore
> completely the mapping of the head tags. Even if I clear all head
> mapping 5 css files are always included. But only for existing pages. If
> I create a new page and give that page the same DS/TO, then everything
> works fine.
> I cleared ALL caches, even via DB. I look into the serialised mapping,
> everything is fine. I can copy the html template create a complete new
> DS/TO. If I assign it to an existing page, same problem. If I assign it
> to a new page, everything is fine.

Are you sure it is not a caching problem (maybe even on the client-side ?)
It sounds very much like it.

Are u using only a page-template with TV or are u using also FCE ?
If you use also FCE maybe one of those is the source of problem ?


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