[TYPO3-templavoila] tv content slide

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at kraftb.at
Wed Nov 29 14:35:16 CET 2006

Bartosz Aninowski wrote:

> Thanks
> works like a charm 

Yes. The tv_content-slide extensin works quite well with current TV.

It is mostly based on Flexforms and not on specific behaviour of TV.

You'll probably get problems if you use special language settings ...

So: No sponsoring needed here :)

BTW: Dmitry: Did you ever think about modifiy the "getRootline" method
in such a way that it also fetches a flexform and inserts the values
into $this->cObj->data so you could access it with some key of the
getData method (.data = TSFE/GLOBAL/GPVAR/...)

This would allow to do a

.data = levelfield:-1,pi_flexform/mytvfield,slide
.data = levelfield:-1,pi_flexform/mytvsection/{register:whichSectionElement}/mytvfield,slide

This would make the TV-content slide extension completly unrequired - with some tricks for
language compatiblity :)

Dmitry: As you are in the core team you could make the patches against the core yourself - I would
have a look at them and work with you as long on them until they are fine. And we will surely find
a tird one giving a +1 ...

If you are interested contact me offlist - If you are overloaded with work like me just let it
be and people shall use the extension until we have a proper solution ...


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