[TYPO3-templavoila] tv content slide

Franz Koch typo at fx-graefix.de
Sat Nov 11 13:34:09 CET 2006

Hi Elias,

> Well at least it works for me too but ...
> Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /var/www/intranet_hgz/typo3conf/ext/kb_tv_cont_slide/pi1/class.tx_kbtvcontslide_pi1.php on line 107
> That happens when i click on an news to read/open it in singleview.
> Can someone tell me why that happen?

which versions are you using (typo, templa, kb_tv_cont_slide). If you have a look at the source of the latest kb_tv_cont_slide you'll see that there is a check for $ds['meta']['langChildren']. Have you set the following meta-tags in your TV-DS?
    <meta type="array">
      <langChildren type="integer">1</langChildren>
      <langDisable type="integer">1</langDisable>
    <ROOT type="array">

Maybe that is the reason for the error. The values of langChildren and langDisable depend on your localisation paradigm. For explainations have a look at the localization guide [1].

[1] http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/core-documentation/doc_l10nguide/current/
Kind regards,
Franz Koch

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