[TYPO3-templavoila] Richtext Editor and Popup-Links in TemplaVoila

Frederic Gaus mailinglists at necroshine.de
Mon May 8 10:44:48 CEST 2006

Hello guys,

I have no clue why popup-links are not working in fces with
richtext-editors for me.

When I create a link in a normal text element with rte it works as
expected. I set the target to "300x400" and on my frontend-page I can
find a javascript-popup link. Opening the text-element with firefox, the
 sourcecode shows: <LINK 24 330x400>Link</LINK>.

When I do the same with the richtext-editor in TemplaVoila FCE, I get a
normal link in the sourcecode and on frontend I get a link like:
<a href="index.php?id=24" target="300x400">LINK</a>. As you can guess,
this is not what I hoped to find.

I Use T3 3.8.1 and TV 0.4.0. (Sorry, this is really old - but I have no
influence on this.)



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