[TYPO3-templavoila] tt_products and templavoila: no products are displayed

K. Zugberg webshopper at arcor.de
Thu May 4 13:40:09 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,

I'm having difficulties integrating tt_products in an application using
The settings are as follows:
- using typo3 3.8.1, templavoila 0.4.0, tt_products 2.4.10, table 0.1.1,
fh_library 0.0.8
- page content generally generated by using templavoila, which is
configured in the site's main template on root level
- one subpage should display products. Therefore I created a page,
inserted the plugin and configured it. Then I created a sysfolder
underneath which containes categories and sysfolders containing the products
- As the page generally uses templavoila, the plugin does not show if I
do not bind it to the variable used by templavoila. Therefore I added an
extending template to the product page and tried to configure the
tt_products plugin there. I used the following settings:


plugin.tt_products.file.templateFile = fileadmin/products_template.tmpl


lib.shop < plugin.tt_products
lib.shop {
    code >
    code = LIST
    pid_list = 50

As I can see the template is found and used, but no products are
displayed on the page. I tested the setup of tt_products by using
another template (template CrCPH in "include static") and everything
works all right, so I'm sure that the general setup must be o.k. But
which typoscript code is needed to create the plugin settings in order
to bind the plugin to the variable used by templavoila?
Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance

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