[TYPO3-templavoila] Element in TO should only be an IMAGE

Heimo Ponnath ponnath at heimo.de
Sat Jul 29 16:48:08 CEST 2006


there is one place in my webpage into which I want to put only an 
image. In the Template Objects I mapped this aera directly to the 
image-tag (INNER) and called it "Anzeige".

But when I want to work with "Anzeige" in "Web - page - Pagecontent" 
filling the field "Type" with "Image", I find further down the field 
"Position" which I already know from Text with Image. One of these 
positions is default and there is no option without Text.

Looking at the page in a browser shows, that there is always a little 
bit of free place left under the picture (for the not existing text). 
This addional empty region is not good for my design.

The resulting part of the html-source-code is:
		<!--  Image block: [begin] -->
		<div class="csc-textpic csc-textpic-center csc-textpic-above">
		  <div class="csc-textpic-imagewrap" style="width:231px;">
			<dl class="csc-textpic-image csc-textpic-firstcol          
				csc-textpic-lastcol" style="width:231px;">
			<dt><img src="uploads/pics/anzeige.jpg" width="231" height="454" 
				border="0" alt="" /></dt>
			<dd class="csc-textpic-caption"></dd>
		<div class="csc-textpic-clear"><!-- --></div>
		<!--  Image block: [end] -->

How can I tell the system, that I do not want text with image, but 
only image? Or is it the better way to adjust my stylesheet to 
correct some consequences of the many here used classes 
(csc-textpic...). But how can I then avoid possible consequences for 
other pages of my site with existing parts of text with image?

Sorry for having more questions than answers in this phase of 
knowlegde of TemplaVoila - I hope you can help me?

Best wishes

Heimo Ponnath Design, Rotenhäuserstr. 51, 21109 Hamburg
Tel: 040-753 47 95,Fax: 040-752 68 03, http://www.heimo.de/

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