[TYPO3-templavoila] Again: Empty page

Heimo Ponnath ponnath at heimo.de
Thu Jul 27 00:59:51 CEST 2006


everything looked fine - until I decided to complete the TO with some 
header-Tags, with my stylesheet and with the body-tag.

Following "Futuristic Template Building" I choose "Web - List", took 
the storagefolder, clicked on TO and choosed th TemplaVoila-submenu. 
After marking "Select HTML-header parts" I marked the body-tag, my 
stylesheet and some meta-tags.

After that I clicked on "SET" and then on "SAVE".

I do not know about all these caches: Therefore I cleared every cache 
I could find, changed to "Web - Page (the TV-Version)" and wanted to 
see the page.

But I found an empty page! The source code shows the added meta-tags 
and my stylesheet in the header and it shows my body-tag (with an 
bgcolor). But everything between the body-tags is gone! But I can see 
the contents in the page-module.

What did I do wrong? I have no idea.

With the history/undo I tried to undo my changes but I did not succeed 
(I dont understand this function completely).

Best wishes

Heimo Ponnath Design, Rotenhäuserstr. 51, 21109 Hamburg
Tel: 040-753 47 95,Fax: 040-752 68 03, http://www.heimo.de/

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