[TYPO3-templavoila] OT RE: Extensions and TV [was Templavoila mapping problem]

Cate & Peter catepeter at optusnet.com.au
Wed Jul 5 12:43:36 CEST 2006

Hi Dmitry

Cate & Peter wrote:
>> Specifically, the initial wiki RTE showed, but after "saving", the text
>> entered did not appear - in list it was apparent the information had been
>> saved, but no reference had been made to the content item, and so it did
>> display.

>Did you see it in the TV page module?

Yes, it appeared in the TV page module - and it showed up upon display of
the page until such time as I entered content into the wiki and selected
"save" - upon which it completely disappeared.

Neither I nor a few other "helpers" nor the extension author could figure
out why.

>Well, typoscript is not coding but configuration language :) 

Ahhhh .. I would argue :) Definition of code: A system of symbols, letters,
or words given certain arbitrary meanings, used for transmitting messages.

 I know it is not a *programming* language, nor a script, but it is still
code - at least, I don't normally go around saying 

page = PAGE
page.10 = TEXT
page.10.value = Hello!

to my next door neighbours :) Therefore, it is code, to me. (ooooh opened
myself up for it on that one :) )

>It takes 
>time to learn but it is worth it :)

Oh absolutely. I think what becomes most frustrating is when it is assumed
that just because we newbies don't understand something, we must not have
read the documentation. Its really frustrating to struggle for days or
weeks, then ask the list only be be told "read the manual".

Personally, I have... several times. 

I think I have read TSRef from front to back three times, as well as
referring to it often. 

I have read Typoscript by example three times at least, as well as going
back to sections.

 I have read FTB at least 10 times, front to back and gone through the
examples a few times. 

MTB at least ten times, and half way through MTB2 (then it gets too
technical for me). 

I have read inside Typo3 at least four times.

 I have read TSConfig a few times. 

And that's just the core Typo3 documentation. On top of that I have read
several extension manuals, often several times through, and tried to follow
many of them. I am still not really understanding key concepts, so just
manage to muddle through with the bit I *have* worked out.

>cObject = Content Object.  


Thanks for that explanation. Hearing things different ways does help to
clarify things a little, and every time I understand a little more.

>But make sure you read "TypoScript by example" 

See above :)


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