[TYPO3-templavoila] DS/TO: Manual changes were removed!

Martin Schoenbeck ms.usenet.nospam at schoenbeck.de
Sun Jan 22 16:29:57 CET 2006

Hi John,

John Angel schrieb:

>> You didn't notice the field 'object path' when using 'Typoscript Object
>> Path' as Editing Type?
> I did? Every time you re-generate data structure it puts dummy-pointer to
> "lib.myObject", so you have to manually change it every time, also.

So you have an other version than me.
> Quote from doc_tut_ftb1: Any custom modifications to the DS XML will have to
> be redone most likely. (In our case that is the change of the TypoScript
> object path from "lib.myObject" to "lib.menu_1").

I never had problems with it. lib.menu_1 and lib.Logo never disappeared,
once entered in the 'Building Data Structure' dialogue. So I assumed, the
abovementioned sentence from doc_tut_ftb1 simply was not updated, when
TemplaVoila was changed.

Bitte nicht an der E-Mail-Adresse fummeln, die paßt so.

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