[TYPO3-templavoila] Error in init.php: ...

Stig Nørgaard Færch stig at 8620.dk
Sat Jan 14 10:58:37 CET 2006


I have just installed the newest cvs version of templavoilá.
When using the page-module, I get an error in the right frame:
Error in init.php: Path to TYPO3 main dir could not be resolved correctly.

This happens if the last 6 characters of this path, 
(\$temp_path) is NOT "typo3/" for some reason.
I googled for a solution.
One suggestion was to install it local instead of global. It's not an 
option for me - I need to install it globally.
Another option was to change the define() line in the conf.php files in 
the mod1 and mod2 directories.
define('TYPO3_MOD_PATH', '../typo3conf/ext/templavoila/mod1/');
define('TYPO3_MOD_PATH', 'ext/templavoila/mod1/');

Is it really true that I have to one of these things to make it work?

Thanks in advance!


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