[TYPO3-templavoila] TemplaVoila and version 3.8.0

Luna Nera lilithnp at hypertalk.com
Tue Feb 7 00:23:53 CET 2006

iìm perfectly aware that this ia a list for advanced users of TempleVoila,
even if it's a sort of "oneminute" package,
and i know that this one probably is the sillies 
question of them all, but......

I spent several days losing my mind in a sea of 
instructions, manual and al, and struggling with 
versions and al....

but... NO WAY....

I Installed TYPO3 on my remote linux apache 
webserver, taking it from the FANTASTICO utility, 
and the version installed is 3.8.0
This version doesn't has (or at least i cannot 
find it) the TEMPLAVOILA control center....
Well, from you presentation, i see that the one 
shown is a  3.8.0-dev version, that has 
completely different icons and look&feel, and the 

Now i see that there's a version 3.8.1 in 
download, so maybe TEMPLAVOILA is on this one.....
But at this point there are new problems:

1) which one off all the version available is the 
one to download to have TEMPLEVOILA in it?

2) since my Linux web server is not a localhost 
but a remote server, i cannot ftp the files cause 
several items are stripped, and i don't know how 
to unzip the zipped version....

Another solution could be to upgrade from the 
preinstalled 3.8.0 to the 3.8.1, if this 
TemplaVOila is in it, or just to install this 
one, but how to do it????

I know, these are very stupid questions, but i'm 
not a computer wizard, so i do need also this 
sort of basic instructions.....
Could you please help me??????


Lilith from Italy

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