[TYPO3-templavoila] About tabbed cm1 (to Benjamin Mack)...

Benjamin Mack bmack at kirix.com
Thu Dec 21 14:19:49 CET 2006


OK. next time we won't tell anybody about new features ;-) and keep it a 
private conversation via email.

And for all these people who are actually interested in the topic:


Tapio Markula wrote:
> Benjamin Mack kirjoitti:
>> Hey Dmitry,
>> I'm glad you like it!
> But it would be nice, if this tread would be more open. It is annoying 
> if somebody starts as if private conversation 'to Benjamin Mack' and 
> don't tell enough information for other persons, to what patch proposal 
> (bug id) the conversation relates with.
> Please, don't start any thread at this way. It is really annoying:
> "Could not find corresponding thread, so opening a new one...
> Benjamin, I tried your patch,"
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