[TYPO3-templavoila] No Reference when linking to a File

Stefan Völker t3 at alexrooter.com
Thu Dec 21 10:23:03 CET 2006

Hello LIst,

i just  encountered some (for me) strange behavior of my FCEs.
When an Editor is linking to a File (e.g. PDF) inside a Text (using  
the RTE htmlArea 1.3.7), my TYPO3 is not referencing it.

Means, if i look for the file in the fileadmin, my "Ref"-column is  

Thats a bit strange, because if i link to a File using the RTE in a  
"normal" Content-Element (e.g. Text), the referenc is done.

Did i cofigure something wrong - and what do i have to change, to get  
to my References over FCEs?

Thank you in advance,


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