[TYPO3-templavoila] List of modifications for TemplaVoila

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at atwebteam.com
Fri Dec 15 09:05:43 CET 2006

Franz Koch
 > Hi Tapio,
 >> frontend editing features are in tm_contentaccess but
 >> modifications for /mod1/ of TemplaVoila are too big for
 >> an extension - endeed I could ship them as resource
 >> files among tm_contentaccess as replacements of original files.
 > you also could export your modified extension, put it on a webserver 
and post a link to it, so that everybody can test your improvements and 
beg for implementation in "regular" TV :)

I have done - and get some comments too.

http://t3test.xetpoint.com/index.php?id=673 (or using 'id=evaluations')

*note* you must install both tm_contentaccess and skin_grey_2 in order
to get proper layout! Any TemplaVoila feature is not enabled as default 
in tm_contentaccess (as default many classic page module related options 

New list - all these are now in the evaluation version of 
tm_contentaccess and will be available in future in tm_contentaccess. 2.x

* more classes in order to better skinning
* some language label changed and some new content-related language labels
* wraps for contentextual menu links in order to get better skinning
* wraps for titlebar links in order to get better skinning (different 
wraps for page related links and content element related links)
* wrap for preview content in order to get better skinning
* wrap for content area in order to get better skinning
* higlighting current contentarea when mouse is over it (this needs 
previous mentioned wraps)
* possibility to use own icon for 'Edit page properties'
* possibility to change the style of command links (edit, cut ....) 
(icon, icon + text, text, SELECT menu, special combination;
if used SELECT-menu, there is some shortcut to three content type (text, 
image and flexibel content element))
* new content element wizard (added two modes - selecting content type 
either in own page or IFRAME; wizard starts from /mod1/index.php using 
special parameter, if the page has been used as wizard)
* possibilty to disable individual items in sidebar
* page related link items can disable
* a new page related link, which can enable (create a new page)
* possibility to disable individual content element related command links
* as new links content related links move up/move down
* as a new link one link to take off all paste links
* possibility to disable in page module links 'Create new content 
element', if content are has already a content element
* added possibility to create content for page type 'shortcut'; primary 
configuration throgh TS config for users/user groups and secondary in TS 
config for pages
* the previous option can limit to some branches in TS config for 
user/user groups
* If 'Create new page wizard' has been used, disabled buttons 'Close' 
and 'Delete' as confusing (the wizard create in the previous situation 
page with empty title and disabling 'Close' prevents saving page with 
empty content - 'Delete' is just confusing (if you purpose is to create 
a new page, you intention is not immeditately delete it))
* integrated support for 'me_templavoilalayout'
* integrated support for corresponding layout system made byt Stephan 
Galinki (option sg_templavoilalayout)
* option to take off CSH 'What is TemplaVoila page module?'
* option to add automatic an empty content element, if new page has been 
* move up/move down for frontend editing (from mk_tvfrontent)
* possibility to add option 'tv_page_module' to frontend editing
* changing in frontend editing content element wizard as /mod1/index.php

+ as hidden features
* intergrated support for a plugin, which was used in a project
* support for three tabs (they are useless without some changes, which I 
have not made to the evaluation version but left as possible future 
implementations or using in some other customer projects)

Bugs likely because of so much changes and I have not tested everything.
Most changes base on request of a customer and relate with a certain 
project. Some changes base on bug fixes mentioned in this list. Because 
some issues relate with a project I don't ever imagine that all of the 
changes could be moved to core but you are free to make feature request
for Dmitry after testing my changes. Public issues have been mentioned 
in the manual.

Concerning the option to add automatic an empty content element, if new 
page has been createad, a new flexform for the page has been created.
Because the flexform doesn't use any name for the content area, the new 
content will be added to a content area, which is first in the 
XML-template. Could be possible to add an option,to put name of the 
content area.
         <sheet index="sDEF">
             <language index="lDEF">
                 <field index="field_content">
                     <value index="vDEF">'.$maxContItem.'</value>.'
			... // name here?

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