[TYPO3-templavoila] Experimental improveld TemplaVoila page module

Tapio Markula tapio.markula at atwebteam.com
Mon Dec 4 10:17:43 CET 2006


I made now a new evaluation version of tm_contentaccess to test
XCLASSes for templavoila/mod1/...


Compared with older version deleted support for 'erotea_date2cal' and 
'templavoila' version 0.4.

Recommended to enable extended features for User > Setup  using skin_grey_2

Note that using my XCLASS you can *simplify*  User > Setup.
Every option can be disabled and with some TS
you can disable some groups from settings. Also automatic detecting
of some items exists and no such feature is definable, which has no effect.
If classic page module disabled, all items, which relate with it, 
disable too.

XCLASS for mod1/index.php has some extra code, which I will not document-
that is for a customer and I try to avoid making several versions.

Features of  'enable.TemplaVoilaPageModule':
* possibility to define link style
* possibilty disable/enable page related funtion links (edit page 
properties, view webpage)
* possibilty disable content element related funtion links (edit, unlink...)
* some shortcuts to create new content elements (need item 'SELECT-menu).
* move up/ move down for content elements
* possibility to disable individual sidebar items
* possibility to limit adding more than one content element/ content area
* link to clear all paste links
* integrated me_templavoilalayout!
* new content element wizard (modified mod1/index.php)
* in FE editing, mod1/index.php works *only* as content element wizard
* possibility to disable 'What is the TemplaVoila page module?'

In addition tm_contentaccess has some frontend editing related stuff

Feature of 'enable.TemplaVoila'
* in FE editing, mod1/index.php works as content element wizard
* move up/down for content element (integrated mk_tvfrontend)
* TS Config for pages, to define, if used the content element wizard of 
the classic page module or content element wizard for TemplaVoila

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