[TYPO3-templavoila] TV Localization issues

Andreas Falk anfa at edu.nykoping.se
Wed Aug 16 10:52:27 CEST 2006


I have read the Localization guide written by Kasper and read the 
newsgroup messages.
But I still don't really get it..

I can get localization of pagecontent, but it don't inherits images from 
the default language.

I tried to use the "TemplaVoila: Best-practice" example from the guide.

I don't use any Flexible Content Element such as "2 cols element". I 
just insert my pagecontent directly in the page.

The setup I use now:

In TSTemplate:
# Swedish language FE:
config.language = se
config.locale_all= sv_SE

# Localization:
config {
linkVars = L
sys_language_mode = content_fallback
sys_language_overlay = hideNonTranslated

[globalVar = GP:L=1]
config {
sys_language_uid = 1
language = en
locale_all = en_US

And in TemplaVoila Data Structure of the Main Template:
<meta type="array">
<langChildren type="integer">1</langChildren>
<langDisable type="integer">1</langDisable>

I am still struggling with the TV way of thinking so I guess that I have 
done totally wrong :)

Any ideas would be helpful.
Regards Andreas

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