[TYPO3-templavoila] Using TV for Extensions without the use of multiple sheets in the DS

Nils Meyer meyer at hauptsache.net
Wed Aug 16 10:03:41 CEST 2006


I am currently writing a frontend plugin which should use TemplaVoila 
for the output, as I don't like using plain HTML in my scripts at all. 
However, every (there are like 2, mininews and tv_loginbox) example I 
see uses sheets in the Datastructure. I don't need that but I am unable 
to get it to work without sheets, it always puts out nothing or the 
original template HTML Code.

Let's say you use the following DS:
            <description>Root Element für die Produktansicht</description>
                    <description>Name des Produkts</description>

What do I do to set field_name to the value  I have? In examples with 
sheet names it works like that:


                                                ^^^ <ROOT> should start 

So I suppose for my example:
would become:

However, using
$out = $this->TMPLobj->mergeDataArrayToTemplateArray($this->TA['sub'], 
array('field_name' => 'Test!'));

returns an empty String. What am I doing wrong and where could I read to 
get more information?


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