[TYPO3-templavoila] Problem with multilanguage TV + TYPO 4.0.1

Tobias Pinnekamp mail at tpinne.de
Fri Aug 4 09:22:49 CEST 2006


I have a problem setting up a multilanguage site with TV and Typo 4.0.1.

I used the configuration of a running 4.0 instance.

- additional website language exists (german), default is german
- TS in root template: config.sys_language_overlay = 1
- XML in DS:

this works for my 4.0 instance. But with these settings for my 4.0.1 
version doesn't work. The only difference is that the default language 
is english and the additional is germen. But the problem is, that I get 
this error message within the page header form, so that I can't create 
content elements or see existing ones:

  DEF:Data Structure ERROR: No ROOT element found for sheet 
"sDEF".DE:Data Structure ERROR: No ROOT element found for sheet "sDEF".

And in the translations tab of the page module it shows
Page localization mode:  	Separate structures / 1:1

What the 4.0 version doesn't do.

What doing I'm wrong. It setted up the 4.0 version like the frontend 
localization guide says.

Any hint?

Best regards

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