[TYPO3-templavoila] New Page Wizard

Gideon So gideonso at livingwater.org.hk
Thu Aug 3 03:30:39 CEST 2006

Hi Brogle,

	This is a bug in TV with IE. Please do the following to fix it.

try this (templavoila 1.0.1):

Edit templavoila/mod1/class.tx_templavoila_mod1_wizards.php.

In Line 271:


$previewIcon = '<input type="image" class="c-inputButton" 
name="data[tx_templavoila_to]" value="'.$row['uid'].'" 
src="'.$previewIconFilename.'" title="" />';


$previewIcon = '<input type="submit" class="c-inputButton" 
name="data[tx_templavoila_to]" value="'.$row['uid'].'" 
title="" />';

Selecting a page-template should work now in IE.

	Credit goes to Marc.


Brogle Pascal wrote:
> Hi
> I've a problem with the new page wizard when I create a new page with
> the wizard .
> At first I have to select the position for the new page, then I select
> the template and create the page. But unfortunately the template is not
> select after the creation.
> Therefore I have to edit the page header and select  the page template
> structure there. That way the template is selected and everything works
> fine...
> Best wishes
> Brogle Pascal

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