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ACM.Tersteeg at mindef.nl ACM.Tersteeg at mindef.nl
Wed Nov 14 15:05:49 CET 2012


Afther some debugging around I find out that the problem is in the charsets
The $result is empty after the on line 178 of class.seminars.pi2.php
So it go's wrong on line 177  with the function getCharsetConversion()->conv...

In the template I have change the default iso-8859-15 to iso-8859-1 
And change in line 171 ISO-8859-1 to iso-8859-1
In fact I skip the conversion in the "if" 
The there is output.

I think this is not a solution.
I'm uncomfortable with the charsset things and know that I have some conversion to make for utf8 but
I don't know yet how and where to start without any risk to run into layout problems.

Please advice what to do.
Or is it a mistype of the "ISO" instead of "iso" 

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Onderwerp: [TYPO3-seminars] csv-file empty


It looks like I have the same problem as  Andreas: CSV-Export via backend

In the module events the function download CSV file result in a empty file (0 bytes)
The file is successful downloaded but is empty ( I try IE and Firefox)

I have browse the typo3=project-seminar archives and try the suggested solutions but until now, no result

We use typo3  4.5.11 and the site is hosted on a apache webserver with PHP 5.2.6  on a commercial ISP
(asking for a PHP update is not an option yet)
I have installed the following:
Seminars version 0.9.5
Oelib v0.7.8
Ameos formidable 1.1.549
Static info tables v2.3.0.
The static template seminars is included in the sysfolder  with the seminar data
On the screen I see registrations records and event records (You don't see the records if the static template is not included)

I know in that in the past( a few weeks ago) I have seen output.
I have run updates from the extensions newlogin to felogin, md5 to rsa and feregistration to the latest versions
I have try to go back to older versions of Oelib7.6 and Ameos 1.1.0 with no result
For me it not a options to go back to newlogin and MD5 ( because the live frontend user passwords are already converted)
configuration check in the EM is enabled

How can I enable PHP error messages ?

Has somebody an idea :

In advance, Thanks,Ton

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