[TYPO3-doc] ReST Migration budget

François Suter fsu-lists at cobweb.ch
Fri Jul 20 12:17:34 CEST 2012

Hi all,

As you know we still have some budget for some paid work on the 
ReStructured Text migration project. Since the new Expert Advisory Board 
is enquiring about existing budgets, I took this opportunity to redefine 
milestones for the existing budget.

If you are interested in doing paid work *and* you are available in the 
near future, please contact me directly. I know that Martin and Fabien 
are already lining up for this this. If you're not sure about the 
conditions, feel free to ask here.

For the details about these milestones, here's what I sent to the EAB:

Milestone 1: TYPO3, TER & typo3.org integration
Budget: 4 days (1 200€)
Deadline: September 2012

Make the appropriate changes to TYPO3 (mostly the Extension Manager and 
if possible also the "tsconfig_help" module) to handle ReST format for 
the system extensions manuals, and also link to the documentation server 
to browse the online documentation or download PDF versions. For the 
TER, the links to the documentation must be updated to use the new 
documentation server. The same goes for the documentation pages on 
typo3.org, which link to various manuals. Additionally it is desirable 
to display documentation "transparently" on typo3.org, one way or 
another (current ideas are full integration or usage of a proxy).

Note: this work will be split with the budget for TER work, as proposed 
by Fabien Udriot.


Milestone 2: Workflow automation
Budget: 5 days (2 000€)
Deadline: August 2012

Develop a work queue with the appropriate triggers for rendering 
documentation when needed. This needs to work for TYPO3 extensions, 
FLOW3 packages, TYPO3 Core releases (for system extensions) and official 
documentation. This would ideally use FLOW3's REST API (note, that's 
REST as in "Representational state transfer", not ResT as in 
"ReStructured Text"). Choose and implement the formats to render the 
documentation to for the first release.


Milestone 3: Content storage and landing pages
Budget: 3 days (1 600€)
Deadline: August 2012

Use FLOW3 to drive the new documentation site. A domain model must be 
defined for storing information about each rendered manual. Landing 
pages must be designed to be able to list specific manuals.


Milestone 4: output tuning and integration
Budget: 3 days (1 200€)
Deadline: October 2012

Finalize the design of the documentation as rendered in HTML format, 
also design templates for PDF output. More generally the documentation 
site must match the look and feel of typo3.org. HTML output must also be 
prepared for Solr indexation. Solr search must be included in the site.



Francois Suter
Cobweb Development Sarl - http://www.cobweb.ch

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