[TYPO3-caretaker] Caretaker sends no emails

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Sun Oct 24 13:06:41 CEST 2010

Am 22.10.10 08:31, schrieb Daniel Lorenz:
> Hallo,
> I confirm this problem. Sending emails from Install-Tool works fine.
> Both, as plain text and html messages. I search in phpinfo() for
> safe_mode, because I was not sure about its state. On my virtual test
> machine the save_mode is deactivated ("off").
> CU Daniel
> Am Donnerstag, den 21.10.2010, 16:40 +0200 schrieb Pim Snel:
>> Did you test if your mail sending works at all. All 4.4.x still can't 
>> send mail if PHP is running in safe-mode. A patch is available in the 
>> typo3 forge.
>> regards.,
>> Pim
>> On 2010-10-20 16:58:30 +0200, Nina said:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have had a lot of problems to get the mail-notification running.
>>> So I got the last version of caretaker from the Subversion repository.
>>> But still, I dont get it running.
>>> I set up tt_address and build a address group and an adress.
>>> I enabled simpleMailNotification in ExtMgm and set sender / subject and link
>>> I set a contact in the Instancegroups and in one Instance
>>> I tried to find where the bug may be and came to the file:
>>> caretaker/classes/nodes/class.tx_caretaker_AbstractNode.php
>>> I set a test in the function
>>> 	public function notify ($event, $result = NULL, $lastResult = NULL ){
>>> 			// find all registered notification services
>>> 		$notificationServices = 
>>> tx_caretaker_ServiceHelper::getAllCaretakerNotificationServices();
>>> 		foreach ( $notificationServices as $notificationService ){
>>> 			$notificationService->addNotification( $event, $this, $result, 
>>> $lastResult );
>>> 		}
>>> 	}
>>> $notificationServices gives back an array witch says "1". Thats all.
>>> And in the next line the foreach dont get executed.

Hello Nina, Pim, Daniel,

did you add roles to your Contacts? And did you also select the roles
which shall recieve mail-notifications in the ext-mgm configuration.
Since we configure roles on our systems it is possible that the
notifications do'nt work without roles. That would be a bug.

In general the only the testnodes send notifications so the code above
is not important for the currently existing notification services.

Regards, Martin

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