[TYPO3-caretaker] Wrong path to cli script in ext_localconf.php?

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Mon Oct 4 19:47:21 CEST 2010

Am 21.09.10 08:49, schrieb Søren Malling:
> Hi,
> With REV:37990 the class.tx_caretaker_Cli.php file was moved in to the
> "classes" directory. But line 39 in ext_localconf.php still shows
> array('EXT:'.$_EXTKEY.'/classes/class.tx_caretaker_Cli.php','_CLI_caretaker');
> ext_localconf.php wasn't updated in that revision, so I think you
> missed this :) Should I file a bug report or will you make the commit
> without?
Hello Søren Malling,

did you check this with the latest svn and did you clear your
configuration cache after updating. The file you mention lives in
classes quite long (as far as i remember) and line 38 on my system is


so to me this looks good. Since we also use the cli i'm quit shure that
it works as expected. If you still have problems we will have to
investigate a bit deeper.

Regards Martin

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