[TYPO3-caretaker] Extensions Usage-Report anyone?

Georg Kuehnberger georg at georg.org
Fri Mar 19 21:59:57 CET 2010

Martin Ficzel wrote:
> Am 02.03.10 18:07, schrieb Georg Kuehnberger:
>> Do your meen a "suggestion" in form of a patch for caretaker, or are you
>> talking about concept/suggestion?
>> - in regards to storage, see above,
>> - in regards to visualizing the results, I feel the information could be
>> shown:
>> a) FE: within the detail-views of instances and
>> b) in the Backend in the right window as an optional additional tab-row
>> alongside "Chart", "Log", "Problems"; which would then benefit from the
>> grouping-features of hosts.
> He Georg,
> i meant scribbles and technical suggestions so we can decide weather we 
> are willing to add the feature to the caretaker core or not.
> I recently comitted a plugin system for the extJS-Panels So your 
> suggestion could also be integrated as a external plugin once we added 
> the storing of the data.
> I personally would prefer a more general solution which does not only 
> work for typo3-extension-tests since there are lots of other tetst-types 
> in caretaker.
> The question is what will be diaplayed for html- or ping-testnodes. Is 
> there a convenient way a testservice can provide some data for a general 
> purpose statistic panel?
> Lots of questions and i really have no sweet solution yet, so feel free 
> to come up with suggestions.
> Regards Martin

I fully agree in regards to your suggestion of "a more general solution" 
to display test-results.

And yes I've seen the preperations/availability of those "other 
tetst-types in caretaker" (and even glanced at their code a bit), 
however until so far I've not discovered how those testresults are being 
  stored / displayed / communicated in BE or FE.
I thought the creators of the the SNMP- and RSML-Services, have already 
had a concept for storage & display of the test-results. Am I wrong?

How about the following, as a procedural approach:

1.) As a first step, lets just take care (sic! ;-) that the details of 
the test-results dont get lost:
That is to store the COMPLETE, gathered test-result information of all 
LATEST test-results) in an additional table or within some new rows of 
tx_caretaker_lasttestresult (or in some files)

2.) Let anybody come up with ideas on howto visualize those 

So what do you think about this procedere ?

Thanks upfront, regards Georg

PS: Given 1.) my fast solution would be to sketch up a new JasperReport 
"T3-Instance-EXT-Stats" (or thelike), which would query the DB and 
display the desired results in some meaningful fashion, without 
interation into the T3-Caretaker-Backend.

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