[TYPO3-caretaker] Tree sorting

Martin Ficzel martin.ficzel at gmx.de
Thu Dec 10 11:58:06 CET 2009

Am 08.12.09 19:22, schrieb Michiel Roos [netcreators]:
> Is there a way I can get the caretaker node tree to sort by title? Or by
> any other field? That would be nice.

Hello Michiel,

currently the tree does use the sorting of the records (which means the
order the records are assigned to each other). I know that this is a bit
weird and hard to control. We think about making the tree sortable by
drag and drop but that is not easy since not every node can be attached

Making the tree sortable by specific fields could be an enhancement.
Currently the tree repesents the order the tests are executed from the
top to the bottom. So i think that this should stay the default behavior
and applying different sortings can be a convenience feature.

So you can add two feature request on forge for drag and drop in the
tree and dynamic filter/sorting options. I can not give you any
timeframe. We are currently aiming to the alpha1 release and before that
we wo'nt implement new features.

Regards Martin

PS: If you consider sponsering caretaker we could progress faster.

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