[TYPO3-performance] FAL: Using another domain for delivering static content (.css, .js, images, ...) - precautions to take during development?

Jonas Eberle jonas.eberle at d-mind.de
Fri Feb 27 11:24:12 CET 2015

Dear list,

there will be ...
* .css, .js, static images
* user-uploaded content (images, .pdf)
... that should not be served through Typo3's webserver. At this time we 
are thinking a sleek webserver on another machine on a different (thus 
cookie-free) domain. Maybe this might evolve into using a CDN once.

It needs to support this:
a) file uploads through our Extbase extensions should trigger that the 
file gets stored on this remote server. That should be transparent for 
the Extbase developer (if possible. I guess it is when using FAL drivers ?!)
b) of course, the delivered HTML needs to include links to this content 
with the 'static' domain. I think this means 'typoLink should correctly 
point to the new domain when file is on specific FAL-storage.'

We are using Typo3 v7.

So far I think about using
* an FAL Driver like 
https://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/fal_ftp or 

I am unclear about about b): Is it possible to configure an 
FAL-filesystem to produce links pointing to a different domain?
What informations do developers of extensions need right now? Can it 
really be done completely transparent or is there any precaution to take?
Which FAL driver is advisable to use?

Thank you for any words of experience!
btw: I am very excited about the theoretical possibilities of FAL. Just 
did not really practically use any yet.

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