[TYPO3-performance] Problem with Database queries

Volker Lieder support at its-lieder.de
Tue Apr 26 13:18:17 CEST 2011

attached you find a "show full processlist" while the site is hanging.
Perhaps you can tell me whats happening inside of the db and what kind 
of job/querie is locking all other requests.

Volker Lieder

Am 26.04.11 13:05, schrieb Steffen Gebert:
>> Sometimes the website hangs while we see a loot of database queries
>> which are locked by another process we cant identify.
>> This is for round about 5 minutes and then the site works fine again.
>> What do you need to help me within this issue?
>> I have some full processlists from mysql while the site is hanging, os
>> versions, typo3 versions...
> What tables are locked? Are they InnoDB or MyISAM?
> Kind regards
> Steffen

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards
Volker Lieder
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