[TYPO3-performance] PHP HipHop - Facebook

Bernhard Kraft kraftb at think-open.at
Wed May 5 14:10:01 CEST 2010

Georg Kuehnberger wrote:

>> Do you see any chance to compile some parts of TYPO3 with it?
> NO; AFAI understood HipHop requires you to compile the WHOLE application 
> (all classes, all includes ...) not only parts of it.
> So in order to keep it modular (like FB is doing, too), the interaction 
> between application-modules (think Extensions) has to be kept outside 
> PHP (that is using RPC/REST/JSON/whatever interfaces), as far as I 
> understood.

Hello !

I have to counter that. As far as I understood HipHop it is inteded 
exactly for this purpose. You compile all classes, includes, etc. into 
one large executable which represents your application.

You would simply have to recompile everything after installing or 
removing an extension. Additionall the HipHop translator (I think that 
what it is) adds and server to your application. So you run your TYPO3 
without having an apache installed. It will become a standalone application

This is very interesting as you could distribute a client-versions of 
TYPO3 (I mean computer clients, not customers). When bundled with some 
lightweight mysql (or using some kind of database abstraction) it could 
be possible to distribute TYPO3 desktop bundle, for administrative tasks ;)


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