[TYPO3-performance] TS-Rendering - IMG_RESOURCE - 622 ms - Solution

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Fri Sep 25 14:44:18 CEST 2009

> the modified time is not available on windows, right? Otherwise
> checking mtime should be ok?!

At least on our 2K VBox, XP VBox and Vista Ultimate master I can see
"Geändert" and "Erstellt" - so I guess there is a "modified time" available.
On the other hand this might still not increase performance as long as the
check for the file content isn't done in the second run, because the content
might still be the same, even though the time has changed.

So I would prefer the following concept:

if (time has changed && size has changed) {
    create new image
} else if (time has changed && content has changed) {
    create new image

But this is just based on 2 assumptions:
1. checking for a change of content will be faster than just generating a
new image.
2. if the size is different the content can't be the same

If 1. is not the case a simple check for the time should be enough.

Just my 2 cents


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