[TYPO3-performance] Slave DB results in TCE errors

Dan Osipov dosipov at phillyburbs.com
Mon Dec 21 01:22:08 CET 2009

Hello list,

I have tried using a slave DB to spread out some of the reads over 
several DB to improve scalability. I've used a method similar to that 
implemented by t3p_scalable extension to XCLASS the t3lib_db class and 
forward exec_SELECTquery to a different DB server.

The problem I'm experiencing in using the backend with this 
configuration, is that saving any record generates an error:
102: These fields are not properly updated in database: (list of field) 
Probably value mismatch with fieldtype.

It looks like the error comes from checkStoredRecord function in 
t3lib_tcemain. There, the record is pulled from the DB, and compared 
against what should have been inserted. In the master/slave 
configuration, the record is inserted into master, but doesn't get 
replicated to the slave before this query is issued, resulting in an error.

Does anyone have any suggestions around this problem, short of XCLASSing 
the TCEMain?
Dan Osipov

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