[TYPO3-UG Muenchen] AWStats - Extension

hella.stolper at jrg.ch hella.stolper at jrg.ch
Thu Feb 28 10:18:56 CET 2008


i have installed the Typo3 AWstats - Extension so as the 
Typo3.org-documentation said.

But , now i had controlled all Entrys in the ../awstats/index.html have 
the awstats.pl moved to the cgi-bin Folder, have commented lines 243-250. 
There are the query about the pl.exe-location.

So, the "Perl not found - Problem" should be solved. 

If i look at the Typo3-Interface view under AWStats - Tool, no is content 
on the side included. Nothing - the side is absolutely empty.

Should I better install AWStats as seperate application on the webserver 
without Typo3-Extension cc_awstats??? What do you think?

Have you a useful hint for me.

Many thanx


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