[Typo3-UG Muenchen] Implementing feature in Typo3 for my diving website

Mark Fink Mark.Fink at gmx.net
Fri Feb 6 08:40:00 CET 2004

Good people,

I need some recomendation how to best implement a feature in Typo3 for my diving website. I would realy appreciate some guidance in this case. Maybe someone works already on something similar? How can I find out?

Description of the feature:
The frontend user provides a MS Word document and a picture of the author. The word document is a form filled by the user describing a diving spot. The files are uploaded by the frontend user.
The content of the word file is extracted into a XML file and tidied of cause (the extraction part is already in place from the static version of the site).
The upload by the frontend user should trigger a workflow which does all the backend processing like conversion into XML and into Typo3. After the backend processing is finished the workflow triggers the clearing procedure. A backend agent either rejects or corrects/formats and unblocks the article which is then shown on the website afterwards. The picture is incorporated into the article.

Example File:
 "<author_name>Mark Fink</author_name>"
 "<article>My article<br>This is a lengthy plain text with some line breaks.<br>In this article I want to share some important information with you. </article>"

Is TypoScript the way to go? Is it XSLT? Is the workflow thing feasible with the Typo3 mechanism?

Any help would be appreciated. Even pointing to the relevant parts of the valuable documentation.

Best Regards,
Mark Fink

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