[TYPO3-UG Hamburg] since we've met last time

wolniack wolniack at freenet.de
Wed Dec 28 23:16:14 CET 2016

Hello friend, 

I've got some great  news since we've met last  time,  please read it  here <http://christin.anytimeart.com/4c4d>

All best, wolniack

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Subject: Cracking your knuckels.

BF3 has some parts that  will have drops at 50  FPS  but not very  significant that it's highly noticeable. I know because I was using Fraps. And because I  was using Fraps and  OBS at the  same time,  I think those two made it taxing and helped with the FPS  drop.  Overall, I  do not think  in the slightest that the 970 will give you any problems, specially with regards to fps drops.

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