[TYPO3-UG Hamburg] weihnachtsfeier?

Gina Steiner steiner at akea.de
Fri Dec 1 12:54:04 CET 2006

ich glaub' mir hackt's ;-)

dann kauft euch doch ein persönliches hack in hacksoße mit einem 
snack-n-mettigel mit schleckhack am stiel zum nachtisch beim türken um 
die ecke denn das kriegt ihr wohl nicht in der mikrowelle hin ;-)

kennt ihr die southpark-folge dazu? ("fun with veal") [...]
The truck gets captured, but at this point, the rancher to whom the 
calves legally belong declares that he doesn't want them back; since 
veal is now known as "tortured little baby calves", the market dried up, 
and they are worthless. At this point of victory, Stan is so sick he is 
rushed to the hospital; it turns out the sores on his skin are actually 
tiny vaginas, and he was said to have Vaginitus because, while eating 
baby cows is wrong, refusing to eat any meat simply turns one into a 
giant pussy. Stan is confined to his hospital bed for two weeks, the 
other boys get grounded, but happily go out for burgers with their 
parents before heading home after they all changed their minds.
aus: http://www.answers.com/topic/fun-with-veal-1

zu sehen:


Thomas Hempel wrote:
>>> mit wurst drin!
>>> kannst ja 10 würste in brühe essen! ;-)
>> Hatte so an Hack in Hacksoße gedacht. Und zum Nachtisch Schleckhack 
>> (Gefrorenes Hack am Stiel)
> Ach ja... Und so als Snack n Mettigel!
> Grüße,
> Thomas

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