[TYPO3-UG France] Choosing TYPO3

michel Michel.Denis at Sun.COM
Sun Jun 4 23:50:53 CEST 2006


For a quite ambitious project I am investigating a CMS, and TYPO3 looks 
an ideal one because it is rich, flexible and open.
But I would need an advise from you (2 in fact):

Among the "special" requirements that we have is a need to have a 
top-level page of the web site which should be pretty special:
- it should contain some off-the-shelf TYPO3 capabilities (connecting 
with a user name, articles, ...)
- the main menu should be a "revolving" wheel written in Javascript, 
i.e. the menu items are turning all of the time
- when a visitor select an item from the revolving menu, it should 
branch to one of the standard or extended TYPO3 modules, such as the 
Forum, the Blog, the Newletter, ..
- the graphics on the top page would come from a sexy "graphics kit" 
which as you know is made of html's, jpg's, and more

How easy is it to do the above ? Any examples to show me how to do it ?

Another question: some of the people here would like to use the 
"standard" phpBB forum system, accessible from a click on the revolving 
menu. Is it easy to interface ?

Thanks in advance for your help to a beginner in TYPO3 (but I'm an IT 


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