[Typo3-UG France] Small problem during "getting started"

rozwel rozwel at free.fr
Sun Nov 14 08:40:09 CET 2004


First of all I'm a complete newbie using Typo3 (and mailing lists as well, 
that's why I write this message in English even if I'm on the french list 
because I selected English as my favourite language :op )

I just have a little problem during the "getting started" tutorial. When 
editing tables, forms or other advanced content items using the wizard 
editor, I can't see the "+" button to add records or items, whereas it 
appears in the screenshots of the tutorial (and the video as well).

Is it normal ? Is it because the tutorial is not up-to-date for that feature 
(as I have noticed it is not for others) compared to the current version on 
typo3 ? Or did I do something wrong ? It's not that important cause I can 
add a new item anyway by adding a new line in the raw editor. But I would 
just like to understand that detail.

Thanks in advance.


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