[TYPO3-english] Problem with ORDER BY

Morten Hagh morten at hagh.dk
Fri Mar 30 09:14:07 CEST 2012

Hi again,

I have found out that it sort the prices according to the prices of the
default language and not i.e. sys_language_uid 1.

It show the correct prices according to the language, but the list is
being sorted according to the prices of the default language.

If I try this:

$prices = tx_overlays::getAllRecordsForTable('*', 'tx_rttag_tagsten',
'sys_language_uid = '. $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->sys_language_uid .'', '',

it doesn't fetch any results.

Hope there is someone who can help.

/Morten Hagh

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Emne: [TYPO3-english] Problem with ORDER BY

Hi list,

I have an extremely weird problem with an ORDER BY and different languages.
I have a table with a list of products and their price(s). I sort them
ascending by price.

When I am in the default language the sorting works without any problems.
But when I am in another language the sorting messes a little bit up as
the prices aren't sorted in the right order.

I am using the tx_overlays extension and I select the product / prices with:

$prices = tx_overlays::getAllRecordsForTable('*', 'tx_rttag_tagsten', '',
'', 'price');

I have two fields with prices (price1 and price2) in the default language
both fields a filled in, but in the other languages only price1 is filled
in. Can that have an effect?

Hope someone is able to help.

/Morten Hagh

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