[TYPO3-english] is TYPO3 moving away from global extensions?

Sergey Alexandrov serg at alexandrov.us
Thu Mar 29 15:11:30 CEST 2012


What's the difference between having a symlink and global extension 
directory installation then?
We also have 100+ websites running off the same source. "Global" 
extension installation has some advantages and ext. maintenance is the 
one of them.
How do you update/bugfix an extension if there are hundreds of them 
installed locally? So, you'll have to put ext. in  the same folder for 
diff. sites, right? And create symlink, right?
But we already have this functionality as "global" ext. folder! Why jump 
through the loop?

Thank you,

On 3/29/2012 8:32 AM, Philipp Gampe wrote:
>   I do not see a single point in having global extensions that would 
> justify the many problems you get with this approach. Best regards 

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