[TYPO3-english] how to improve a slow page (due to automated cache clearing)?

Roland most.wanted at gmx.at
Tue Mar 27 21:08:35 CEST 2012


thanks for your answer.

> 1. you could use a hook to just drop specific cache entries ;)

would this be very difficult/time cumsuming or is this something one should
know how to do these days anyway? ;-)

> 2. Otherwise you may split the content of products to many pages (don't
> know is this is sensefull in your case).

interesting, but i guess this is not sensefull in my project.

> 3. you may also load the content of products via ajax (this way 2. may
> be possible)

hm, don't know how this would work. what about caching in this case? and
what about automated cache clearing? way 1 would be necessary, wouldn't it?

general question on page vs. extbase object caching:

if i understand caching right, clearing the page cache also results in
clearing the extbase object cache (of objects outputted by the plugin on
that page) somehow, doesn't it?

i guess i should read the cashing framework documentation...

kind regards.


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