[TYPO3-english] Help with FastCGI error

Arianna Manlio arianna.manlio at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 22 14:58:01 CET 2012

I'm using TYPO3 4.5.3; under high traffic, load of web server reach 100 
and above.

Web server is Apache (Centos 5.7, PHP is running as fastcgi).

The error I get is:

(mod_fastcgi.c.2568) unexpected end-of-file (perhaps the fastcgi process 
died): pid: 28263 socket: unix:/tmp/php.socket28257-0
(mod_fastcgi.c.3356) response not received, request sent: 2061 on 
socket: unix:/tmp/php.socket28257-0 for 
/index.php?tx_ttnews%5BsViewPointer%5D=2, closing connection

I need some help in order to investigate this behavior.
Maybe I can tune fastcgi or some of my extension?

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