[TYPO3-english] Preconfiguring list view

Simon Browning simon at seethroughweb.com
Tue Mar 20 17:51:35 CET 2012

I've been searching for a way - unsuccessfully - to do the following, is 
it possible?

I'd like to pre-configure the list view of various tables, ideally 
through TS Config or similar.

For example, we have a site with a custom table called messages with 
fields name, email, message, urgent, date, etc.

I would like editors to be able to log in, look in the relevant 
folder/page in List View, and see the table with the extended view on 
and the fields: name, message, and urgent displayed.  I'd also like the 
control icons to show up on the far right side of the List (like 
clicking [_CONTROL_] in the field list).

This particular site has a lot of editors, so ideally I'd like to set 
this at the group level.

The way I've accomplished this to date is by setting up one user as I'd 
like to see it, then by copying the contents of the us filed from the fe 
user record to all the other users, but there must be a better way ...


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