[TYPO3-english] new indexed_search in TYPO 4.7 - faceted search

Krystian Szymukowicz t33k at prolabium.com
Sat Mar 17 17:24:16 CET 2012

W dniu 2012-03-17 13:43, Olivier Dobberkau wrote:
> Am 17.03.12 13:27, schrieb Krystian Szymukowicz:
>> I have heard that new indexed_search has faceted search.
> who said?

Good question. I saw it somewhere but now where I googled for that I can 
not find anything, so maybe I am wrong :(

> try solr!

I used solr in one of my project and its really great, but there are 
some smaller projects that do not need such search beast.
Besides it requires java which is not available at all hostings.

Krystian Szymukowicz

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