[TYPO3-english] Injecting new attributes to link tag

Björn Pedersen pedersen at frm2.tum.de
Fri Mar 16 13:26:23 CET 2012

Am 16.03.2012 08:46, schrieb Robert Wildling:
> Hi,
> I posted this message some days ago in the wrong forum; here it should
> be right; sorry!)
> I am looking for a way to inject new attributes to the Image link
> wrapper, or in general to a typolink script.
> The intergration of the photo gallery "Lightview" requests special a-tag
> attributes like data-lightview-group, data-lightview-title etc.
> All the wrapping can easily be done by manipulating the CE IMAGES, which
> shall be used. The titleText should be mapped to data-lightview-title,
> the caption to data-lightview-caption. This line at least groups the
> images together:
> tt_content.image.20.1.imageLinkWrap.typolink.ATagParams.dataWrap =
> class="lightview" data-lightview-group="{field:header}"
> data-lightview-title="{field:titleText[current]}"
> data-lightview-caption="{field:imagecaption}"

field:titleText[current] is normally not correct without processing as
you found out.  have a look at the standard csc TS for images to find
out how you have to split the captions.


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